Planting begins!

We’re still waiting for our main seeds and plant order to arrive but are itching to get started. Yesterday my young man began rigging up a seed raising table out of some scrap and this morning he finished it. It’s actually very sturdy and for the price (free) is good value. We had a few packets of free seeds from a variety of sources and we sorted through them. My mother says tomato seeds can be planted straight in the ground but everything I hear says raise them as seedlings first so while we’re waiting for the main garden beds to be finished (there’s still a few bolts to go in and some manure to be worked in) I planted some tomatoes into seed trays and we can try sewing some direct at a later date (we have a lot of tomato sees somehow).  I planted one packet of ‘heirloom tomato mix’ from diggers and some ‘grosse lisse’ tomato seeds that were amongst the seeds my partner’s mother gave to him. I also planted some parsley and basil. We had a lot of seeds that had “expired”, amongst them were some cosmos and honesty. I figured it was worth a bit of potting mix and water to see how many would germinate so we planted them too.

I also sat down and worked out where we were planting what in the garden beds. I’d already worked out what was going in which bed but now I have a plan for where everything is going inside the beds. A rough plan, anyway. One thing we haven’t yet decided what to do with is the ten metre strip by the fence. We’d love to plant all kinds of cane berries there, but everything I read says Brisbane isn’t the right place for cane berries. Grapes is an option and they have my vote but my boyfriend wants to put them in the other paddock (after we get water there and dig the ground up). My mum has a passionfruit vine that she doesn’t want so that’s a possibility but one fine does not fill a ten-odd metre trench. I’m thinking for this year we should just fill it with flowers (and the passionfruit) and re-assess next year.

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