Progress in the Garden!

So today we got stuck into the garden. My boyfriend finished the six main vege beds while I planted out seeds that are meant to be started in punnets, wrote a billion plant labels and  sorted out all the packets of seed. 20140913_111137a

We’ve now planted some capsicums, a variety of lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower and leaks in addition to our tomatoes, basil, parsley and various flowers on the made-out-of-scrap seed table


You might be able to see it but the basil I planted last week already has two small leaves peeping out! The bushier seedlings are all herbs that my boyfriend picked up yesterday when getting some fertilisers. The unlabelled trays at the back are all flowers my boyfriend planted once I announced I had planted all the seeds that I was starting in punnets for a few weeks.   I then fertilised the beds (except for the root bed) and gave them a good water and we went in for lunch having already done four hours work. After lunch I planted out the seed that was going direct into the beds.


The back left bed will be the root bed this year. I’ve planted it with some red and purple carrots, beetroot, silverbeet and spring onions. This is where the leaks will grow once we transplant them out. I’ve got some orange carrot seed still to plant so we can have orange carrots as well. The back right bed is the pea and bean bed. We salvaged a bit of wooden trellis from my parent’s place that we will train the climbers up on. I also planted some russel lupins today in the punnets and they will be going in this bed also to look pretty but they’re also a member of the pea family and like the other legumes will improve the soil for when we rotate the crops. The middle right bed is the brassica bed. We’re also putting our salads here as it was the emptiest bed. There’s not much here yet, just two lonely rows of seeds while the rest grow in their punnets. The middle left bed is the fruiting crops. I planted three tomato seedlings and some marigold seeds in here. I also planted some cucumbers. This is also where the capsicums will go when they’re ready for transplanting. The front left bed is the melon patch, where I planted two watermelons and two rockmelons. I planted two of each in case one didn’t germinate but I think I’ll have to thin out the weaker of each to ensure the plants have enough space. The right front bed is the pumpkin patch and it was hard not to plant too many seeds! I had about seven different types of pumpkin seeds and I planted four seeds.   Here is another view of the four main vege beds.


We also need to finish building the fence you see in this photo. It stops just to the left of the picture and the un-finished part is where we always find deer prints, they have a little highway right through our vege patch it seems. But we’ve got the seeds in now, so hopefully now we can finish off the fence. We felt that spring was going to rush by us if we didn’t get cracking on the garden!

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