A Lot Can Happen in a Week!

My goodness! So much CAN happen in a week. My young man sent me a message at work mid week to tell me that seeds were sprouting up all over the place but I was still surprised when I got into the garden on Saturday and found how much everything had grown.   Lets start with our seed raising table. There’s been a bit of growth here. The first tomatoes have grown taller and some are showing the first of their true leaves.   20140927_143548   Because we got a much higher strike rate than we expected (and we didn’t have a decent watering can when we first planted them, which meant a lot of the seeds were washed into one lump in their pot) we have a lot of seedlings forming really close together. I pulled some of the smaller ones in an effort to thin them out a bit.   It feels like the seeds we’ve planted in my mother’s seed raising box (which has a cover on) haven’t done as well as the ones we left out in the open. I have to remember they are a week behind the other’s though… 20140927_143633   Here we have some tomatoes showing. A couple of grosse lisse seeds on the far left have sprouted. These were free seeds from my young man’s mother and aren’t new. Next we have the artisan tomato mix, also free seeds, and just over half of these have sprouted. You might be able to see one lone wild sweetie has also just sprouted.  On the far right is the russel lupin. I planted six seeds and four have sprouted so far.   20140927_143621 I planted a few lettuce seeds of different types, hoping to be able to plant a few seeds every few weeks and have a succession of lettuces to harvest. A few have sprouted but not as many as I expected. Three of the capsicum seeds I have planted have come up but none of the mini ones. If I have time next weekend (I have a lot planned) I will plant some more capsicum and lettuce seeds if they haven’t shown themselves yet. I didn’t plant so many because I planted these the week after the tomatoes and I saw how many of them grew. There’s only so many capsicum plants one can have room for! The broccoli seems to be doing very well, quite a few seeds got planted as they were so small and the little punnets are already looking crowded. I might need to split these up, if that’s a good thing to do, before transplanting them into the beds. The cauliflowers are starting to sprout too.   Yesterday we had a busy day. We did some more work on the fence and were only halted after running out of palings. 20140927_144246 We were so close to the end too! Fortunately the gap is small so we can always block it up until we get more, which should make our little vegie garden deer proof. You can probably also see in this photo that there is a lot more green in the beds than there was last week! Lets start with my cucumber. Last week the biggest one was just showing it’s two first leaves. 20140927_143943 Now it is three times the size and showing it’s first true leaf. The smaller one behind it is still bigger than the biggest one was last week.   The only other things I have in this bed so far are the tomatoes we planted as seedlings, two of which are doing very well and one of which is doing ok, I think I should have buried it deeper. Not sure if digging it up and putting it in deeper is a good idea or not! 20140927_143933   It is the tomato on the back right I am not sure about. I also planted some marigold seeds in this bed but they are too small to photograph well even through they are coming up. Once the capsicums are big enough they will go in here too. I forgot to take a photo of my rocket that I took a photo of last week, but it is growing. 20140927_144003 Here is the baby broccoli from the brassicas and salad bed. It was too small for a photo last week but this week you can see it! The root bed is also doing well. 20140927_144033 The silverbeet is growing well, though a little unevenly. 20140927_144039 The beetroot is also coming along nicely! I also planted two rows of carrot seeds. Monty Don says that carrot seeds are very slow to germinate and you can sew radishes on top. The radishes will grow more quickly, showing you where you sewed the carrots, and you can harvest them quickly before the carrots need the space. Well, either Monto Don has a different idea of what ‘slow to germinate’ means or they just grow faster in Australia or there was something other than carrots in my seed packets, but in two weeks I have a pretty clear idea of where I planted my carrot seeds! 20140927_144048 I sewed my carrot as thinly as I could in the hope of preventing having to thin them. The look a lot closer than I though I had them! The Melon patch is also showing activity. I planted two seeds each of watermelon and rockmelon in the hopes that at least one of each would grow and if they all grew I could thin out the weaker of each. 20140927_143744   As you might be able to see one of each has grown which is perfect.   I took the same approach with the pumpkins, I planted one of each of the known varieties and for my ‘pumpkin heirloom mix’ I took out what looked to be one of each type of seeds and planted them, knowing it was probably too much for my 2.4 by 1.2 metre patch. I figured it was easier to sew too many and pull out what I didn’t want. I planted eight in all, four I knew what they were and four I didn’t. Well, boy have the pumpkins grown! They’ve gone from “I think a few of these might sprout” to “gee, I just don’t know what to do with all of these!” 20140927_143851 And look how big they’ve grown in just one week! Seven pumpkins sprouted. Two of these were doubles of known varieties so I pulled them out. This leaves two that I know what they are and three that I don’t know what they are I think five is too much for this bed size, but it’s hard to know what ones I should loose and how many. I want all my pumpkins that grow to be different so we can see which grow the best and we like most. 20140927_143908 Here is the biggest one so far.   The legume bed is the other one that’s doing very well. I should have remembered growing beans in yoghurt pots in primary school, but I must have forgotten because the growth in one week has surprised me.  Last week one of the beans was starting to grow. This week… 20140927_144111a Beans and peas everywhere! 20140927_144126a This is the bean that was growing last week. 20140927_144203a One week ago this snow pea wasn’t even showing! Look at all those leaves! 20140927_144234a Same for the chickpea, no sign of it last week. No sign of the baby sun beans yet. It’s very exciting seeing my little seeds grow from week to week. My young man I being a good boy an watering them every day. I’m not sure how much I will have to update on next week as I am working on Saturday and have a picnic on Sunday so I’m not sure how much time, if any, I will get to spend in the garden of my future home. No doubt the garden will be far more productive than I will!

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