In leaps and Bounds

The garden that is, not me I’ve been sick for over a week now, but at least my garden is looking great!

Garden Overview

Despite me being sick a lot has happened in the garden


Here’s how it’s looking as of yesterday. The fence is multi coloured. My young man decided to prime it with primer he already had to same money. He ran out. Fortunatly he had another primer, the same thing just in a different colour to finish it. This weekend our friend came round and painted the side of the fence we can’t see with the finished colour. He is actually a interior painter by trade but can’t work because he is disabled and can’t reach above his shoulders any more, but he’s not disabled enough to receive disability as he can still paint skirting boards and the bottom half of walls. Strangely enough no one will hire him to paint the bits of their walls below his shoulders so he appreciated a day’s work at our place. Once he leftmy young man started painting this side of the fence and you can see the finished colour on the far left.

Root Bed

My root bed is going well

a20141011_171843 a20141011_171901

From left to right we have beetroot, silverbeet, purple carrots and red carrots. I was told today by a certain dashing young man that “I can eat at least two carrots a day without even trying” so I think that’s a hint to plant more carrots. I’m going to order some orange ones and a heirloom mix that was out of stock when we did our big seed order


Here is a bug’s view of my silverbeet because why not?

Legume Bed

The beans and peas are continuing to grow. The baby sun beans I planted weren’t growing, only one had shown and didn’t look like I expected so last weekend I planted some more. Well, this weekend the ones I planted last weekend were all showing and they looked how I expected so the other one must have been a weed or something.


The peas were really needing some support so I popped a few stakes in for now and next weekend we’ll have to get the pea and bean frame up.

I also transplanted a few more russle lupins into this bed

Brassica Bed

There’s been some action in this bed. Last week I transplanted some of the seedlings into the bed and this weekend I noticed the transplants were much larger than the ones I left in the seed trays so I transplanted a lot more. I also did some direct sewing last week to compare if I really need o start them in seed tray next time.


You can see from all the plant markers that this bed will start looking exciting soon1


You can see my baby broccoli is not so baby anymore!


And my rocket is looking good enough to eat, I’m not the only one who thought so but I haven’t seen anymore nibbles since I put eggshells around it.

Fruit Bed

There’s been some changes here!

My capsicums are huge!


The seeds were planted less than a month ago.

The tomatoes seedlings are growing well too.


Last week I put some capsicum seeds direct into this bed, but after seeing the success of transplanting small seedlings that didn’t look big enough I transplanted some of the little seedlings this week. I also took the biggest of my tomato seedlings and put them in bigger pots. I only had 12 pots so that’s how many I moved. I want to move some of my second planting of tomatoes as they were different types, but that will have to wait until I get some more pots! The ditch by the fence will be full of tomatoes! I was going to toss the rest because we don’t need 50-billion tomatoes, but my boyfriend suggested we plant them in the seedling trays the herbs came in and give them to people to plant in their garden. I like this idea!

Pumpkin Patch

Even our painter friend commented on the pumpkin patch.


I really do want a variety of different pumpkins but would rather fewer types than none at all because they are overcrowded. If they can sprawl on the ground around this bed, is it still too crowded? They’re monsters already! I’m wondering also if I should move the little one in the middle to the near right hand corner where there’s more space.

I can’t believe these things were seeds less than a month ago!


Melon Patch

My melons are growing well!


I was worried last week when I saw the spots on my watermelon leaves but apparently they’re meant to look like that.


My rock melon, like many things in the past two weeks, has grown a lot as well.

That’s all for now. Next week there’s more transplanting to do we’re thinking of mulching some of the garden beds.  There’s more work on the fence to do, not to mention the chicken coop and the compost bays to build.


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