It’s a Jungle Out There!

Here I am again with another update from the garden this weekend. I’ve still been a bit sick all week but was feeling better by the weekend. Sadly my boyfriend is now getting sick as I am getting over it. So We took it relatively easy this weekend.

Garden Overview

The garden, however, hasn’t been taking it easy. It’s been growing.



It’s much greener than it was last week.


Look at how much the herbs ha herbs have grown!

Root Bed

Things are growing well here.


I Thinned out my carrots a little and planted another two half rows of each variety (those following this blog might remember my young man telling me he could eat a carrot a day without even trying)

My silverbeet and beetroot are growing well.

a20141018_111933 a20141018_111943

And for those who missed last week’s bug’s eye view of my silverbeet, here it is.


That’s a lot of growth in a week!

Legume Bed

I finally got in the frame for everything to climb up.


This frame is actually built out of kits for tomato cages. We bought tomato cages to make wigwams for the tomatoes as I’ve heard they’re more stable than the cages, which left us with a lot of spare connectors. I made two walls of stakes, leaned them in and tied them at the top then used the spare connectors to build rungs up the side. I’ve given it a good shake and it feels pretty stable. It’s also dismantable and moveable for crop rotation. What is an unknown is how long the plastic connectors will last outside in the sun.

Brassica Bed

Things are growing here too!


Many of the plants are still little but it’s nice not to have this bed so bare in the middle.

From left to right in the bed we have…


Baby Broccoli was planted directly into the bed and is growing strong

a20141018_112041 a20141018_112050 a20141018_112059

Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Mini Cauliflower and Sicily Purple cauliflower all of which I started out in punnets and have grown well since I transplanted them.

a20141018_112106 a20141018_112113 a20141018_112119

Baby cos, great lakes and crispmint lettuces, only the latter of which really grew at all well in the punnets (and has transplanted well). The other’s I’ve planted directly into the bed when I transplanted everything else out. You can see the great lakes lettuce at the back was planted  the seed raising trays on the 13th of September and transplanted out into the garden on the 5th of October, the same date the lettuces at the front were planted as seed. They are about the same size.


Finally the rocket. We should have eaten this last week but we left it too late and it was very bitter when we tried it this week. I’ve planted some more seeds and we’ll try eating it sooner.

Fruit Bed

There’s been changes here too. My boyfriend had some scrap metal lying around. Actually, he’s got a lot of scrap metal lying around but this bit was something he wanted to use in the garden somehow and it was up to me to figure out a way to use it. I decided we could train the cucumbers and capsicums to grow up it, as I’ve read you can do this. I also potted on some more tomato seedlings into bigger pots to add to those I did last week.


Here it is just after I finished, looking a little messy as I haven’t cleaned up yet.


Here is a closer view of the frame and the tomatoes I potted on.


Here are the tomatoes I moved into larger pots last week. They seem to be doing well so far.


Here are my first tomatoes!

Pumpkin Patch

My poor pumpkin patch. This is where the real jungle is. It’s grown so much since last week!


My main concern here is I’m growing too much inn the bed. I really do want a variety of pumpkins and don’t mind if I get fewer per vine than I should but I don’t want none because they’re overcrowded.


Here is how the bed looks. There is space around the bed fro them to sprawl over if that works!

Melon Patch

My melons are growing well.


I have my rockmelon.


And my watermelon.

The Ditch by the Fence

A lot of progress was made here but I forgot to photograph it! We finally finished getting the rest of the edging in and filled it up with soil.


That’s all for this week! I’m not sure how much, if anything, we’ll get to do next week as my boyfriend’s mother is visiting from out of town.

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