A Quick Update

Well as I said last week I didn’t get much time in the garden this weekend. But I managed to snap some quick photos and plant some more tomatoes.

Garden Overview


The photos this week aren’t the best as I took them in a hurry while it was very sunny outside. It’s starting to really heat up an we’re investigating shade cloth for the vegies.

Root Bed

a20141025_100207 a20141025_100216

Root bed growing well. Wondering when silverbeet and beetroot will be ready to harvest!


Legume Bed


Brassica Bed

a20141025_100236 a20141025_100243

Fruit Bed


Things are growing nicely in here. I have my first marigold flower:



And the cucumbers are growing up the trellis well. I actually had to rescue a nearby tomato seedling that had a tendril growing around it.


I also planted one of my tomato seedlings in this bed. With my other tomatoes already bearing fruit I hope it’s not too late for my ones grown from seeds to grow and bear fruit!


And talking of fruit…


How good do these tigerella tomatoes look?

I also have a few fruits appearing on one of my other tomatoes too.


Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch has exploded and we’re letting the vines grow over the ground around the bed. But when I got out into the garden on Saturday I found the pumpkin leaves all droopy.


So I googled it and just like always got results ranging from “they have some disease and they’re all going to die and you won’t be able to grow pumpkins there for 50-billion years” to “They need more water”, “they’ve had too much water”, and “it’s just getting too hot for them, put up a shade cloth.” I wasn’t able to do anything about them on Saturday so I’ll see how they look next time. It’s starting to warm up so it looks like it might be time for shade clothes etc.


Melon Patch

Plants are growing, and not much to say here!

a20141025_100414 a20141025_100407

The Ditch by the Fence

As well as planting the tomato in the fruit bed I got four planted in the ditch.


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