Weekend update

This weekend’s update will be late as I’m not spending the weekend in my future home. Instead I’m spending it packing up the last of my things to move in for good! I’ll soon be living in sin, or, as my great aunt puts it ‘trying before I buy.’ I start a new job on the 10th so want to be all set up by then.

I went over Wednesday with some things and spent Thursday unpacking and organising. I got to spend a little time in the garden watering but didn’t get any photos. The pumpkins are looking good and while she was there my young man’s mother showed him how to fertilise the flowers with a paintbrush so we shall hopefully get some pumpkins.  Actually, looking at the photos from last weekend, everything had grown a LOT by Thursday and I expect that by Monday when I will get out into the garden to water and (hopefully) take some photos it will have grown some more.


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